US 60 Superstition
Project Card
Gilbert Road to Power Road TRAC # H664901
RTP Phase 1 Project Description The project widened US 60 Superstition Freeway between Gilbert and Power roads in the East Valley. The nearly six-mile long project added both general purpose and HOV lanes to east and westbound US 60, along with improved lighting, drainage and other improvements. The landscaping of US 60 between Val Vista and Power roads installed new plants and trees, ground cover and new irrigation systems.
Project Benefits This area of US-60 is heavily travelled and traffic volume and drive time were directly benefitted as a result of the widening project. HOV lanes improve traffic flow, encourage carpooling and expand the regional transit network. Vehicles carrying two or more occupants, Valley Metro buses, certified alternative-fuel vehicles, motorcycles and emergency vehicles can use HOV lanes from 6 to 9 a.m. and 3 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. All vehicles can use HOV lanes at all other times. After the completion of the US 60 widening in this area, the landscaping was the last element to complete the freeway improvement. The landscaping completes a cohesive aesthetic throughout the US 60 corridor.
Voter Approval
Open to traffic
Programmed Completion Date